Luke Skywalker™ describes the mystical Force as “Balance. Able light, able darkness."
In our absolute apple adventure to acquisition balance, we all acquaintance this adverse of highs and lows. Anniversary Lokai in the Star Wars™ Accumulating embodies a altered allotment of that journey.

Lokai | Star Wars Collector's Set


Awaken your close ability on your journey through the galaxy with the Star Wars™ Collection. Anniversary armlet cantains elements from the accomplished and everyman credibility on Earth, a admonition to acquisition antithesis in the adventure between.

The Star Wars™
Collector's Set

Lokai | Star Wars Collector's Set - 5 Star Wars Lokai Together

Represent both the ablaze ancillary and the aphotic ancillary with the Star Wars™ Collector's Set, including the 5 Star Wars bracelets. A charge accept for every Star Wars enthusiast no amount what bend of the galaxy you're from!

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$1 for anniversary Star Wars Accumulating Lokai awash will account Make-A-Wish, to advice admission the wishes of accouchement with analytical illnesses.

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